Modern Sporting Rifle Basics 05/14 thru 05/15, 2022

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This class will teach the student to effectively deploy, carry, and utilize the urban carbine for self and home defense. You will learn how to carry the weapon with a sling, engage single and multiple targets, engage targets at close range, move with your carbine, and several other necessary skills.While the class is primarily designed for close range urban encounters, many other useful carbine skills will be learned and practiced.

You will need the following equipment for the class:

AR-15 or equivalent variant that is capable of being attached to a sling, pistol caliber carbines are also acceptable. Long barreled carbines (over 18 inches) can be used, but they are cumbersome.

  • At least three (3) magazines.
  • A belt pouch for the magazines or tactical style pants/bdu’s (5.11 gear is great) that is capable of holding a magazine and can be easily accessed with the weak hand.Pouches for .223 magazines are inexpensive, available online, and will enhance your training experience.If you are so inclined, most of the major kydex holster manufacturers have kydex magazine carriers for the .223 magazine.
  • You will need a sling; one or two point is best.MAGPUL two-point sling is excellent as is GSG, Urban E.R.T., and Bungee sling.Remember that you must have sling mounts, quick release are best. Have your sling attached and ready to go prior to day 1 of class.
  • You will need 300 rounds of FMJ carbine ammunition (no steel core bullets).You will need a sidearm (handgun) with holster and magazine pouch for transition drills.
  • Bring 50 rounds of handgun ammunition (no steel core bullets) for your sidearm.
  • Eye and ear protection.A carbine in confined spaces is loud. Electric ear protection is preferred.
  • Bring a cleaning kit appropriate for your carbine, an old towel or large cloth, or a disassembly mat.
  • Sharpie.
  • Pen and note taking materials.
  • Comfortable, sturdy shoes that allow ease of movement and are comfortable to stand in for long periods.No open toed shoes of any kind.
  • Clothing should be comfortable and sturdy, and all shirts must be tucked in.We will work almost exclusively from the sling carry, and your clothing must not interfere with a carbine attached to a sling or with your holstered sidearm.To avoid hot brass going down your shirt and against your skin, wear a high collar or no collar shirt both days to class.
  • If you have a light that attaches to your rifle, bring it.It is not mandatory, but it will enhance your training experience.Red dot/holographic optics are excellent and recommended.

The class will be an intensive, 8 hour a day course. Brief breaks will be given, and a lunch break each day.If you have special needs or dietary restrictions, please plan in advance.

Lastly, this class is restricted to twelve (12) persons, and will fill quickly, so please respond ASAP.Please be courteous to MAGS and others by not cancelling at the last minute or failing to show up.It prevents other interested persons from attending.

If you need to contact the instructor directly, you can do so at 505.263.8750 and

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